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Leading and loving in life and health.

Our mission

To boldly impact and transform communities by equipping men and women to lead a Christ-centered life of empowerment, while consciously building a healthy foundation for their body and mind.

Our vision STATEMENT

We see an organization boldly committed to influencing and impacting communities everywhere, an organization positioned to raise and equip men and women to become leaders—leaders who impact their homes, work-life, and communities with incredible potential.

We see a high-performance organization that emanates so much compassion, people are drawn from impossible situations into a loving, authentic and inspired circle of hope, and we guide them to find answers, design a blueprint, and provide the people we serve with a detailed plan to live out their God-given purpose, as we empower them to achieve their goals.

We see an organization that is brilliant in nature and constant in innovation—one that leads communities in organizational leadership, life strategies and coaching, philanthropy, and whole food nutrition—guiding individuals toward a balanced life through live presentations, media, film, and technology.

We see a generation of warriors—men and women who take total responsibility for their actions. Passionate and intentional in the way these anointed leaders live and act, they are a beacon for others, while profoundly impacting people around the world with their abilities and gifting.

We see an organization that transitions men and women from dreaming about what they could be to becoming who they want to be. We see individuals from all walks of life who have a committed desire to become great community mentors or strong corporate leaders.

We see an organization committed to providing an authentic yet credible experience that raises the standard of what it means to be a servant-leader.  At the heart of all people, there lies the desire for something greater.

We see an organization with love for God and life, a team focused on developing an unshakable foundation in each person.

We see an organization that guides and empowers the young and the young at heart to a deep understanding of how food affects the body, while providing a new approach to food, health, fitness and daily living. Teaching new perspectives on nutrition and healthful eating; as we demonstrate the power of “we become what we eat,” helping people around the world implement changes to the way they shop, prepare and view the food on their plates and the restorative nature of the human body when it has the nutrients it needs to heal itself and grow stronger—positioning the power to achieve and maintain health back in the hands of the individual.

We see an organization that champions the cause of what it means to be healthy, creating a domino effect—transforming the world, while strategically guiding people with the skills of how what we eat and drink impacts the direction of our family and careers as much as it does our minds and bodies. Food is more than what’s on the end of our fork.

We see an organization partnering with relief foundations in an effort to develop sustainable projects and provide assistance to those in need. We see a future of endless possibilities within the hearts of the hopeless. We are dedicated to contributing our time and donations to the search for safer treatments and the eventual cure for Epilepsy.

We are an organization that inspires commitment, connection and hope to the abandoned, abused and neglected women and children. We are working to find ways to provide nutritious meals to those in poverty, including partnering with local community gardens.

Indeed, the organization we see is visionary in its nature, compassionate in its performance, and loving above all, one that will create a legacy that history cannot possibly ignore—while intentionally seeking to drive the lives of people to become the best version of themselves.

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