What We Believe

We believe that leadership is not limited to individuals with an executive-level job title. We believe that being in a position of authority and simply telling others how and what to do is not the definition of true leadership. Our world needs servant-leaders to impact and boldly commit to the growth of our homes, communities, churches, organizations, and businesses across the globe.

We believe that Think Intentional exists to serve God, people, and organizations across all sectors who seek to live intentionally while raising their standard of leadership.

We believe that the greatest of all leaders is our lord and savior, Christ Jesus. We seek to champion his leadership style with heart, humility and constant innovation. His philosophy was simple and to the point, “Love one another. As I have loved you.” We do this by serving people – empowering individuals to think globally.

We believe that proper nutrition is fundamental to human life, health and progression across all cultures, regardless of status, finances or education. When you have good health, everything else falls into place around you.  While eating a nutrient-dense diet is a mainstay of good health, you must also exercise your mind, your body and your faith. We believe that a strong leader is a living example for his or her family, friends, community and coworkers.  When your body has all the building blocks it requires, it can fight off disease, heal years of health issues, and even resolve depression and anxiety disorders. A healthy leader creates a cycle of good physical and mental health which translates into success on all levels. We believe that through our own personal experience, physical and health transformations and our education, we can lead others to a better quality of life, filled with joy, peace and all the energy to meet any challenges that life may bring.

We believe in a world filled with naturally-gifted individuals who are always ready to learn more. There is always something more to learn, a new level to reach, regardless of your experience and education.

Think Intentional is built on the belief that we need leaders who have a deep calling to challenge the status quo; who recognize that leadership is not about gaining but rather about giving.

We believe that leaders are not born, they are forged. People who desire to live fully and purposefully become empowered when they learn to follow their passion with courage. They become committed individuals in their personal and professional lives, achieving all of their goals and dreams, while encouraging everyone around them to follow their own pursuits of happiness. Are you ready to be a leader in your own life?