The Rainforest Weight Loss Visualization

Posted On September 06, 2020

Need some meditative guidance on your weight loss journey. Listen to this guide to weight loss and relaxation while exploring...

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It Is Never Just About Food!

Posted On May 03, 2020

What are the biggest things that help someone stick to a weight loss program/lifestyle change? 1. Food journal/diary. Those who...

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Sleep, Health and Weight Loss

Posted On April 24, 2020

If you feel tired, you automatically grab a cup of coffee or many cups, along with a sugary snack to...

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Weight Loss Quick Tips

Posted On April 12, 2020

There are more myths than truths out there about weight loss. Most people are desperate for a quick fix and...

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Anxiety and the Food We Eat

Posted On March 30, 2020

Did you know that what you eat affects your anxiety and stress levels AND how well you emotionally deal with...

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Hello My Name is Anxiety

Posted On March 30, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has left the world scared, worried and deeply stressed out. However, our world today is full...

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Focus by CiCi Black

Posted On February 27, 2020

I guess no one really knows who they are in the beginning. I have spent a lifetime squishing myself into...

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Is a Health or Life Coach for you?

Posted On February 25, 2020

How does coaching help those trying to solve constant anxiety, lose weight, improve health and have a better quality of...

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Are You a Good Listener?

Posted On November 19, 2018

Knowing How to Listen is the Key to Success Listening is an art that most people have not mastered. This...

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3 Steps for Overcoming Procrastination – A Millennial’s Guide

Posted On July 08, 2018

No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace...

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The Sugar Facts

Posted On June 29, 2018

A Quick Guide to Why You Should Limit Sugar Sugar tastes oh, so sweet…but your body is not meant to...

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Plant-Based While Traveling

Posted On June 15, 2018

How Do You Stay Healthy While Traveling? A few years back, Sergio and I were in an intense life coaching...

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Negative People – 5 Ways to Make a Positive Impact

Posted On June 04, 2018

Some people never seem to get past their pessimism – while others crave the desire to change. For some, being...

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Life Coaching vs Therapy

Posted On June 01, 2018

A life coach pushes you to move toward your goals and use your past experience as a catalyst for change....

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How to Stop Worrying: 3 Steps to Joy and Happiness

Posted On May 09, 2018

When life presses the pause button on our progress, the natural tendency is to worry. Among the many circumstances we...

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Anxiety – 6 Simple Steps to Get You Started

Posted On April 10, 2018

How can you help yourself? There are many steps you can take at home to help with varying levels of...

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How to Deal with Temptation

Posted On April 03, 2018

How do you turn the feeling of temptation into a success mindset? Temptation can come in many different forms. They...

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Leadership Excellence (Qualities of Male Maturity)

Posted On April 01, 2018

“When I was a child, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child. But when I grew up, I...

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Why You are not Losing Weight – Part I of III

Posted On March 13, 2018

Most people lose weight quickly when they first change their diet, start an exercise program, or make other changes to...

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What are the Signs of Insulin Resistance?

Posted On March 08, 2018

INSULIN RESISTANCE is the underlying condition in all forms of diabetes, and it can cause severe metabolic complications in the...

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How to Get What You Want

Posted On February 14, 2018

Each of us has something we want. Often times – life can feel like a continuous pursuit of wants and...

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Take Care of Me, Take Care of You

Posted On February 08, 2018

“The greatest way to self-improvement is to contribute to others. And then through that process, realize how you can motivate...

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What Really Matters

Posted On January 20, 2018

Most of the time people know what to do, but they’re not doing it. How badly do you want to...

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How to Listen to Each Other

Posted On January 14, 2018

“Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others” (Proverbs 12:15). There is nothing more powerful then...

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Are You a Trustworthy Leader?

Posted On January 07, 2018

The life of the average person is a lot like a roller coaster. Every day brings new demands, with the...

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How to Have Difficult Conversations

Posted On December 14, 2017

No one likes to have difficult conversations, but avoiding them can prevent a relationship from moving forward. Can you think...

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