Anxiety and the Food We Eat

Did you know that what you eat affects your anxiety and stress levels AND how well you emotionally deal with the anxiety you are experiencing? I know personally how this happens because I spent my whole life waking up with anxiety EVERY day. Nothing had to be wrong, but my body and mind disagreed and caused me to “worry” about things that I had no reason to worry about. It created an anxious person.  It wasn’t until I found Eat to Live and changed my diet drastically that, in addition to all of the chronic health issues, pain and overweight, it simply went away forever. Now, I only feel anxiety when there’s actually something stressful going on – you know, like a pandemic! Fortunately, I have the education and training to know how to fight the symptoms of anxiety so I can get back to focusing on life, clients, family, and my own health without letting the tendency to “freeze” and have my whole world on hold.

While for me, the number one thing that brings back the physical and emotional anxiety symptoms is dairy – cheese, milk, eggs, ice cream – you name it – other foods can also cause an anxiety trigger, while even other foods can help reduce anxiety. The best solution to anxiety, whether in the short term or long term, is to eat a diet that is micronutrient-dense, filled with leafy greens, colorful vegetables, cruciferous vegetables and beans, here is a list of some foods to say yes or no to when anxiety has a hold on you. Do you have a story to share or solutions of your own? Share in the comments!


Increase tryptophan, vitamin B (all), and magnesium to help with the effects of anxiety and stress.

This is not a complete list, but it gives you a good idea of how food really is medicine.

Increase tryptophan levels without animal meat or by-products (dairy). Some foods to try are: bananas, oats, soy, nuts and sesame seeds.

Increase vitamin B foods: leafy greens, legumes (such as lentils), citrus fruits, avocadoes, rice (wild, black), and nuts. Note: for vitamin B12, a regular supplement is recommended).

Increase in magnesium: leafy greens, seaweed, avocadoes, nuts, seeds, tofu, legumes, bananas, wild rice

Increase phytonutrients: blueberries, black rice, peaches, blackberries.

If you are under unrelenting stress or anxiety, consider taking a supplement that floods your body with magnesium quickly and flushes out any excess without concerning side effects. It comes in a variety of flavors.


Candy and sugar-filled sweets: Initially, you may get the rush from the blood sugar spike, but when it crashes, your anxiety may be worse than it was to begin with and cause you to go on a sugar binge.

Alcohol: It is a depressant and it gives you the same sugar rush, ultimately causing a myriad of health issues if you drink large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis.

Processed Foods: One of your favorites is like to be a highly-processed treat – deli meats, hot dogs, cakes and cookies…Processed foods tend to have the trifecta of health sabotage waiting for you: saturated liquid fat, processed sugar, white flour. All of these ingredients do nothing but add fat to your hips and poison your blood. Limit these foods and reduce anxiety quickly.

The Final Word

There are a lot of non-food ways to address anxiety in the moment. But the best way to treat chronic, long-term or excessively-high levels of stress and anxiety is to control the food we eat. During these times, we cannot control if we will lose our job, our home or who will get sick. But we can control the food we eat to reduce anxiety, increase immunity and have a better quality of life for today and the future.

Need someone to help you put down that ice cream or pick up those vegetables? Hire a coach. @darcikingry is available via Zoom, phone or other media to help you with tips and tricks and the facts. It never just about the food, that’s why hiring a coach trained in holistic life and health coaching can make a difference in your success.

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