Is a Health or Life Coach for you?

How does coaching help those trying to solve constant anxiety, lose weight, improve health and have a better quality of life, and what is required for the coach/client relationship to be successful?

The clients who get the most out of coaching are those who make the time to speak with a coach and are committed to making changes in their life. They recognize that they need someone to guide them through the process to reach their goals and improve their mental, emotional, physical and sometimes spiritual health. A successful result comes from a client who understands that the best approach is for the coach to elicit a plan on a partnership basis and not simply dictating everything a client must do with no room for flexibility. No matter how strict the program needs to be, it is vitally important that the client participates in the planning and the entire process beyond just following the “rules.”

This only works if the client understands what changes need to be made in order to reach their desired goal(s). We all understand that too many calories and no exercise does not aid in weight loss. We all know that we must eat a significant amount of vegetables to take in enough micro-nutrients to bring on improved health and a feeling of well- being. A coach helps a client to take knowledge and desire and turn it into action with achievable results. Even a client with the best intentions can have trouble sticking with a particular way of eating or exercise for more than a few weeks before falling off the wagon. The trick is that a coach can help you stay accountable and keep you moving forward, even when you do fall down. A good coach uses tough love and positive reinforcement, along with factual guidelines and sincere support to keep a client motivated. A good coach also has a great foundation from both education and experience to share so that a client can eventually become a better coach to themselves and sustain the health improvements, weight loss and quality of life that is gained during a program.

Discipline is one of the biggest challenges for people who want to make lifetime changes. Why is it so hard to stick with a plan or routine? Because humans are not naturally disciplined. It takes repeated practice to develop discipline even when you are determined to lose weight or change your habits in other areas. A coach helps you by teaching you exercises and holding you accountable. When we have to tell someone the truth about what we’ve eaten or how many times we did (or didn’t) do our anxiety exercises over the past week, we are more likely to make things happen. This is true because humans in most cases do not want to disappoint the person they have made a promise to or who has committed time and effort to help them through a desperate time. Often people find discipline strength for short sprints in our lives – saving money for a vacation or a new car or that engagement ring for a new bride. But when it comes to our health and wellness, we often decide, “It’s too expensive,” or “It takes too much time.”

The ultimate responsibility of a health or life coach is to ensure that a client understands their particular health, weight loss or emotional or other needs and how the process must work to make permanent and positive changes; but also refers a client to a licensed medical professional  when necessary. Coaches can help a client through advanced psychological practices, advice on succeeding on a particular food plan, dealing with anxiety and how to reduce or eliminate it. More and more people are turning to coaches who specialize in specific areas and often have personal transformations or other experience beyond their education to help them better relate to their clients.

If you have tried time and time again to make changes in your life to better your physical or emotional health through coaching, healthier eating habits and best practices and have failed, consider hiring a coach to get you on the right track. Ask yourself these questions: How many times have I tried on my own? How many different programs and diets have I tried? Have I committed fully to a plan for more than a few weeks? Do I know the basics but still can’t seem to make it work? Do I have chronic pain, overweight or anxiety that is holding me back from a happy and peaceful life?

Change your health, change your life!

Think Intentional is not a replacement for your doctor and will not direct you on making changes to your medications or medical treatments. A holistic health coach is a compliment to medical care and can guide you to live your best life.

For medical or mental health emergencies, always consult your doctor or other licensed medical professional or dial 911 on your phone.



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