It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to explore their wellness goals with a trained professional.

We create a supportive environment that enables you to articulate and achieve your goals. Throughout our education, we have been exposed to the most cutting-edge dietary theories and studied highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right lifestyle that works best for you.

Most approaches to healthy eating dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Instead of creating lists good and bad foods, we coach our clients to explore real improvements and implement changes during our work together by learning about the benefits of eating real, whole food plants, vegetables and fruits and mininmizing processed foods filled wih preservatives. We provide amazing recipes that deceive your taste buds and lots of shortcuts to eating. We also help you retrain your taste buds and your perception so that you learn to enjoy your new lifestyle and bring back health, fitness, joy and a love for life.

Small Changes Bring Big Rewards

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What makes us unique? We are also well-trained master life coaches and work with our clients on behavioral changes, emotional blocks, and moving on from past misconceptions about themselves and their definition of healthy eating.

As these pieces accumulate, our clients find these changes collectively creating a much larger impact than they originally anticipated. We work on what they want to improve within the circumstances of their unique situation.

If you have been on a lot of “diets” to lose weight or improve your health or if you just want to improve your overall wellness, an integrative nutrition health coach can be a good fit for you. We specialize in plant-based nutrition to maximize micronutrient density for reduced inflammation and significant health benefits. A holistic health coach provides many advantages over doing it on your own.

If you expect to reach all your goals after only a month of work, well….that’s just not how it works. If you find a “diet” that guarantees you visible results in a short period of time, it probably isn’t the healthiest of programs for you.

Our health coaches set up regular  one-on-one sessions via phone or online video chat and include unlimited text and email for additional support between sessions..  We are available to you via text, phone, or email in between sessions. We are more than just an encyclopedia of health guidance; we want to be your friend and mentor. We want to be your partner in wellness!

A holistic health coach does not give you  an out of the box “diet” and send you on your way. We help you with your personal goals and health concerns. We steer you in the right direction by suggesting small changes to attain a healthy lifestyle but introduce bigger changes to those who need or desire more aggressive change in their life. We figure out a plan that is specific to you and make further changes to your food choices and lifestyle throughout the program to ensure positive results.

Health coaching


A Custom Plan

A holistic health coach customizes your eating/nutrition plan to meet  your health concerns, and your individual fitness goals. The changes we make throughout your program are based on your preferences, progress, and needs. This can include recipes, meal plans, exercise recommendations, tips for bingeing, food addiction support, anxiety, supplement guidance, recipes, cooking tips, and shopping lists.


Learn how your lifestyle and your daily habits affect your health beyond the food you eat and how to become more self-aware. We teach you how to set goals for incorporating exercise, breathing practices, social outing and even your relationships so you can improve all of the areas of your life that impact your health and happiness.

Accountability and  Emotional Support

Unlike a typical counselor or nutritionist or medical provider, a health coach is there for you between your sessions, sharing information, holding you to your commitment to your health, supporting  you when you fall down, and motivating you to keep moving forward toward success.

Sustainable Changes

A health coach does not teach you how to be on a “diet.” Instead, you learn how to make permanent changes that you can carry forward through your life. You will become comfortable making smart decisions about your food choice, exercise, self-care, anxiety solutions, and stress management. You walk away with a tool box that you help to create over the course of the program.

Other Benefits

  • Save on medical costs – reduced medications and fewer doctor visits can be the result of a plant-based lifestyle.
  • Gain energy – When you feed your body an abundance of micronutrient-rich foods, you sleep better and function better.
  • Reduced Anxiety – Anxiety comes from both physical causes and environmental circumstances but most people who have anxiety find they feel less anxious physically and emotionally when they adhere to a healthier eating and self-care lifestyle.
  • Confidence – When you feed your body and mind the right ingredients AND take time to introduce self-care in your life, you can thrive.
  • Improve satisfaction in all areas of your life – health, career, relationships, social life, spirituality, finances and more!

No One Diet Works for Everyone

We will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. We will also help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your health goals.

Could One Conversation Change Your Life?

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