Weight Loss Quick Tips

There are more myths than truths out there about weight loss. Most people are desperate for a quick fix and become victims of fad diets, dangerous surgeries, and useless pills. But you can save money, your life, your time and heartache by following some simple rules to get started. You don’t have to do everything at once! Do what you can and stick with it no matter what comes your way. Start over when you fall down -immediately – and don’t let the insecurity of others pull you into their downfall and drama.

There are are some strategies that work. But like anything worth it, you have to do the work – there is no safe magic pill that guarantees thinness and health forever unless you do the work and practice the discipline to get there.

1. Eat mostly whole-food plants and vegetables and fruits. Cooked, raw, both…I don’t care. Just eat them and eat them more than anything else!

2. Drink water – and pretty much only water – most of the time. Tea and carbonated water are ok too. Avoid large glasses of juice (even pure fruit juice) and most definitely avoid sugary drinks filled with chemicals. Every cell in your body thrives when infused with simple water – start with at least 8 ounces first thing upon waking and keep it going with every meal and break.

3. Eat only when truly hungry – call it intermittent fasting or just listening to your body.  Real hunger is felt in your mouth, not in your stomach. Most of the noises and feelings in your stomach between meals are actually your body’s process of digestion – not preparing to eat every few hours. Our bodies can’t focus on healing when we are constantly digesting food. So let’s give our bodies a break between fill-ups.

4. Avoid processed sugar – it is not only unnecessary, but there are also hundreds of reasons to stay far away. From blood sugar spikes to liver damage to cancer. Look it up! Or message me for how sugar ruins us – a little is ok but few people have the discipline to stop at a little.

5. Exercise – Yes, food is about 80% of weight loss success; however, exercise is still important for a healthy body and mind. So break it up by doing things you enjoy such as riding a bike, playing with your kids, walking, lifting some weights (fill up some gallon containers with sand or water!), or going for a run. Anybody movement is good body movement. Aim for at least 30 minutes per day.

6. Sleep – and sleep some more. We tend to underestimate our body’s need for rest. This is when our bodies can truly focus on healing and not much else. For those trying to lose weight, a healthy 8 hours sleep each night is vitally important to reduce fat-inducing hormones, such as cortisol.

7. Chew slowly – two winning outcomes here: you will likely eat fewer calories AND your body may have an opportunity to increase the hormones that aid in weight loss.

8. Practice delayed gratification – most (yes, I know it is not everyone) people in our society have a lot of emotional attachments to food, as well as a lot of temptation and family and friends who enable. Food addiction in the USA is REAL. To combat this, you must practice delayed gratification exercises but waiting 30 minutes when you are tempted to eat something that does not do your body good. Read, exercise, watch TV, play a game, talk to a friend or eat something healthy and filling. If this doesn’t work, FORCE yourself to wait another 30 minutes. Still no? eat half of what you want and wait another 30 minutes. The more your practice, the more your mind and body will begin to change habits and lose the addictive compulsion. But you have to be consistent. Most people lose their “craving” within 30 minutes. And yes, I know it can be physically painful that emptiness in your stomach and brain for feeling deprived of that ice cream or grilled cheese. But you can do this!

Need someone to help you put down that ice cream or pick up those vegetables? Hire a coach. @darcikingry is available via Zoom, phone or other media to help you with tips and tricks and the facts. It never just about the food, that’s why hiring a coach trained in holistic life and health coaching can make a difference in your success.

Darci has been on The Doctor Oz Show, highlighted in the 2015 PBS special with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., interviewed by Elisha Lee of Eat to Live Daily and the popular Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/eattolivedaily/j and more. Follow Darci on Instagram at @darcikingry or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/eatforlifesupport and https://www.facebook.com/SimplyNutritarian.








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