What Really Matters

Most of the time people know what to do, but they’re not doing it.

How badly do you want to change your health, lose weight, get rid of inflammation and pain, and/or fight a chronic disease and prescription medication?

We all know that greens, vegetables, beans and berries are good for us. However, we get mislead, misinformed, marketed to and outright lied to over and over about food choice and what is truly healthy. And it’s no lie that the processed foods, salty, fatty meats and sweet desserts and oversized fast food taste good. But is our quality of life worth the cost of eating those foods?

Things that hold us back:

  • Time – shopping, preparation
  • Money – they think they can’t afford eating healthier
  • Knowledge – they don’t know or understand what to do.
  • Fear of change – when you fear change, what you really fear is that you won’t be loved

People don’t do in life what they do based on what they know. They change based on how they feel.

All diets work and then they all fail after a time. The question is not what works for you, but what will work for you forever.

In any program, you have to be able to make a U-turn. The programs we offer the people who trust us have to be ones they can get back on again.

Success is when you forget you are on a program. That’s when you know it’s really working for you. You have to give yourself at least six weeks for whatever you try to add or remove from your life.  It takes an average of six months for permanent changes and habits to take hold. You have to keep modifying until you find a way or habit that makes sense. The basics of healthy eating are the same for everyone, but there are differences based on where we start from, our current health, our personal preferences and our overall goals. Keep that in mind as you move forward on your journey to health

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